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Donna Dunham Wilcox is the best new writer of 2018
— Michael C. Grumley, Author of the Breakthrough Series

Very rarely do I read a book, let alone a new writer, and find myself glued within the first few pages.  It's a rare talent to be able to grab a reader and make them feel for the characters so quickly.  Donna Dunham Wilcox has that gift.  From the first paragraph to the last, you will find yourself rapt at the story unfolding.  The characters, action, and prose are just superb.  Do yourself this favor!

Michael C. Grumley

Once started it was hard to put down.
— David Warren
Easy read. Kept my interest every single page.
— Patrick Cooney

Michael Iven-

BETH RISING was nicely paced, the characters were well developed, and the plot was very intriguing. Wilcox's attention to detail kept your attention as the storyline unfolded. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

This is an absolutely compelling read, illustrating the triumph of the human spirit over extreme adversity in the family setting. I can’t wait for the next installment. I couldn’t put it down.
— Robert J. Ficklin

Jo Anne A.-

“Beth Rising” is an impressive new read by a newly published author. Her characters captured me from the beginning… And I couldn’t put it down until I Finished the first 35%. This story is very compelling and extremely well developed. 
Bravo Donna!

I am on my last chapter of your book and words can’t even express how impressed I have been in your storytelling. From the sensitive situation of telling of and handling an abusive, dysfunctional childhood to the much needed knowledge to be able to project intricate details of the technology, and business setup of a company to a very satisfactory end of a good read. Good work Donna. I hope you continue in your ability to write something worthwhile to read.
— janet Buckley

Jeanette From Nevada-

“I had the pleasure of editing this book in its early stages. It’s a well-written page turner that I highly recommend. Beth will join some of your favorite fictional characters; you’ll wish you could hang with her.”

I loved this book! It was a real page turner that was paced well and (gasp) thoughtful - meaning it made me think!
— Thomas D.